In a shocking incident, a 35-year-old stunt master named Vivek was electrocuted during the shooting of an upcoming Kannada film in Jogenahalli near Bidadi on Monday (August 9). Another fight master, Vinod, has been detained by the police and have charged him and the film's crew for death due to negligence as they had not sought proper permission from the authorities to conduct the shooting. The Kannada film is titled Love You Rachchu and stars Ajay Rao and leading actress Rachita Ram. 

According to police officials, a stunt sequence was being picturised near a private resort, with Vivek and the film's crew taking part in the scene. The team was using a metal rope and cranes to get the scene shot and was when Vivek got electrocuted after coming into contact with a wire that was feeding electricity. As soon as Vivek fell to the ground, crew members tried reviving him, but couldn't  manage to do so. Soon after, the Bidadi Police were called in and they sealed the premises and the area, while questioning the other stuntman Vinod and director Shankar Raj. 

Reports state that Love You Rachchu's hero Ajay Rao was present at the film's shoot, but away at a distance of around 200 metres from where the stunt sequence was being shot. Apparently, he ran to the spot where the commotion had taken place to check and realized that Vivek succumbed to his death instantly. It is being stated that two more members of the stunt crew have suffered injuries in the incident and are currently undergoing treatment in a private hospital. After the accident, several members of the film's crew left the spot, with police officials planning to question them all.