Srii Bharatha Baahubali is a recently released romantic comedy entertainer movie directed by Manju Mandavya who has also played the lead role. Sarah Harish is the lady lead with Chikkanna and Shreya Shetty among many others playing supporting roles in this movie. Actors Rishi and Shruti Prakash made cameo appearances as well. Bankrolled by Shiva Prakash T under the production house Aishvarya Film Productions, this film has music composed by Kadri. Bharatha and Baahubali lead a happy-go-lucky existence in a small town and things take a wild turn when they meet Sri, an NRI girl, who is in India on a mission. Their adventures and misadventures in the pursuit of Sri’s goal make up the rest of the story. Srii Bharatha Baahubali released last month but the movie failed to make an impact at the box-office. Following the release, a new video song has been released by the team. Watch the new video song Avva Avva below,

Song Details:
Song: Avva Avva
Lyricist: Manju Maandavya
Song: Avva Avva
Singer: Sanjith Hegde

Avva Avva Song SarahAvva Avva Song SarahAvva Avva Song SarahAvva Avva Song Sarah

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