Sivakarthikeyan’s Hero which released towards the end of last year, opened to mixed reviews from the critics and general audience. However, the film’s core idea and premise was praised by the audience. The film featured Bollywood actor Abhay Deol as the antagonist and Action King Arjun in an important role. Hero had its digital release on Amazon Prime earlier this year, in January. The Telugu dubbed version, Shakthi was also released on Prime, a few days back. However, it has now been revealed that, both Hero and Shakthi have been removed from Prime platform and it has shocked the fans.

sivkaarthikeyan hero

According to the reports online, it is said that this action could have happened due to the plagiarism case that's been surrounding the movie ever since its release. It can be recalled that Bosco Prabhu, an aspiring director, had accused director P.S.Mithran of plagiarising his story into Hero movie. He had also filed a complaint at the Writers Union. However, Mithran completely denied the accusation and clarified that he had penned down the story and screenplay of Hero, along with three other writers.


In a press meet, Mithran had stated that his team worked on the script of Hero for 446 days. Coming back to the current scenario, neither Prime Video nor director P.S.Mithran is yet to officially confirm the reason behind this removal and we will have to wait for it. On the other hand, Bosco would be making his directorial debut with Hashtag Love, a romantic drama, starring Walter Philips and Raiza Wilson in the lead roles, under the production of Kalaipuli S Thanu.

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