Richi Richard’s Draupathi has opened up to some great reception from a set of audience, the film has, in fact, collected more than its investment from its first day of the run. That’s a rare feat for a Tamil film. A movie made at shoestring budget of 90 lakhs has grossed around 2.5 crores in day 1 alone. So, it’s already a blockbuster. For many who criticized Richard for featuring in a caste-based film, the reception of the project by itself is a fitting reply.  
Earlier today, Nikilesh Surya, the managing director of Rohini theatre took to his Twitter space to say that there are some “Amarkalamana Surprise guests today for #Draupathi evening show.” Since he has used the term Amarkalam, a film starring Ajith and his wife Shalini, fans predict that the couple might visit Rohini to watch Draupathi. Ajith who doesn’t visit theatres even for his own film is unlikely to come. Now photos from theatre, shows that it is indeed Shalini who has visited Rohini theatre to watch Draupathi. It must be noted that Shalini happens to be the elder sister of Richard. Nikilesh also went on to comment that Draupathi is doing well even on its second day. His tweet reads as follows: “Haters getting slapped tight. One day wonder they said. Houseful shows continuing on day 2.”