The controversial Telugu director Ram Gopal Varma just made a mockery of himself by posting an April fool joke on Twitter. RGV first tweeted saying that he was tested positive for Corona and soon after said it was an April fool joke and he later put the blame on his doctor. These tweets do sound so insensitive in the current panic situation that the country is in. Ram Gopal Varma is getting trolled on Twitter for this irresponsible tweet. His tweets read as follows: 
“My doctor just told me that I tested positive with Corona” 
“Sorry to disappoint, but now he tells me it’s a April Fool joke it’s his fault and not mine” 
“Anyway I am just trying to make light of a grim situation but the joke is on me and if I dint offend anyone I sincerely apologise to them” 
Ram Gopal Varma is regarded as one of the finest directors in India who entered the film industry scene with a bang. His very first Siva went on to become path-breaking crime thriller. RGV has even won the National Film Award for scripting a political crime drama called Shool. Though his recent works have been poor, his earlier films speak for himself. People like him should understand the crises that India is facing and post tweets with responsibility.