The Corona Virus pandemic is rapidly spreading across the world and almost all affected countries have gone into shutdown mode. People are being advised to get self quarantined and distance themselves socially. Most public events have been postponed or canceled and even world sporting events have been affected. Vijay’s Master which was supposed to hit the screens today has been postponed untill nobody knows when. Vijay fans are disappointed that Master couldn’t release as per plan, so is Aadai and Meyaadha Maan director Rathna Kumar, who is also an additional screenplay writer for Master. 
Rathnakumar took to his Twitter space to share a few words about Master - “#Master would have released by now if #CoronaOutbreak didn't happen. Can see lot of sad tweets, As a fan it hurts big. Pollution, Protests, Raid & now this. Anyway we will have the last laugh. Survival First. Celebrations Later Suddenly this selfie looks Nostalgic.”