Director Rathna Kumar shot to fame with his very first movie Meyaadha Maan. This Vaibhav starrer turned out to become a huge hit and launched the careers of many people, including the lady leads - Indhuja and Priya Bhavani Shankar. Rathna Kumar's stocks further rose with his second directorial, the highly controversial Aadai. This movie, with Amala Paul in the lead, made a very bold statement and the actress had acted in the nude or with very minimal dress, for most of the movie. However, the scenes were very aesthetically shot without any vulgarity. The director then worked as the additional screenplay and dialogue writer for Vijay's yet to release film Master directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Rathna Kumar is a big fan of Vijay and he also happens to be very good friends with Lokesh, that's how he came on board for Master.
Rathna Kumar is someone who is very active on Twitter, he was earlier keeping Vijay fans pumped up with posts related to Master. Now during the pandemic situation, he uses his social media space to spread awareness related to corona virus. Now Rathna Kumar has taken a moment to appreciate the efforts put in by the policemen of Tamil Nadu who are working tirelessly hard to stop COVID-19 to spread. His tweet reads as follows - "Huge respect to each and every 24/7 comrades who work for us in this summer. Let the human and humanity evolve big-time before the end of this Corona crisis.  #CoronavirusOutbreakindia #lockdownindia"