After Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Superstar Rajinikanth to feature in Man Vs Wild show along with Bear Grylls at Bandipur Tiger Reserve forest near Mysuru district, Karnataka. Rajini is going to be featuring in the next Man Vs Wild Indian edition. The much-celebrated actor has been shooting near Mysuru for his upcoming film tentatively called as Thalaivar 168 and for this episode of Man Vs Wild, Superstar has arrived in Bandipur forest early in the day. It must be noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s episode of Man Vs Wild was the biggest hit for the show’s Indian edition. Even the number of tweets and retweets for Narendra Modi’s episode of Man Vs Wild was the most; which means that the show garnered the maximum TRP as well as social media buzz.
Will the Rajinikanth’s episode overtake Narendra Modi episode’s TRP? We can confidently say at least in the southern part of Indian, this episode will be a rage. Rajinikanth is an equally big icon as Modi not just in India but also across the world. Rajinikanth was seen clicking photos with his fans yesterday in Mysuru. He apparently arrived in special flight and it is reported that Bear Grylls will be joining Rajinikanth today and a lot of shooting is going to happen today in the Bandipur forest. Well, we are very excited to watch this Superstar episode, what about you?