For the past couple of days, there is a nasty battle going between the producers and theatre owners. The producers what small and medium budget films to have a direct OTT release during this lockdown period to recover their investments whereas the theatre owners are finding this trend hard to digest. Here is a joint detailed statement issued by the producers: 
"Film production is a challenging field with the high risk involved. Many producers are making films with a lot of passion and confidence. Among them, challenges faced by small and medium film producers is high. Even if they have completed a film, they face many difficulties to release them especially to get theatres and shows to recover their investment through theatrical rights. This kind of challenge is not there for big budget or big artiste films.  
With the development of OTT (Over the Top) technology, many new films started coming out world-wide directly in this platform. Post the lockdown due to Corona in the country, many OTT platforms have started acquiring small and medium budget films for direct OTT premiere, which we all have to welcome wholeheartedly. Already film producers in Hindi, Telugu and other languages are trying to sell their films for Direct OTT premiere in order to somehow recover their investment. If small and medium budget films get premiered through OTT, the number of such films waiting to release in theatres shall reduce. The balance films can release properly too. Like that there are so many benefits we can enjoy by allowing the OTT premiere of small-medium budget films and hence this step by OTT players must be welcomed by all of us. We must request OTT players to acquire many small and medium budget films, which are struggling to release or stuck due to this lock down.  
In addition, a Film Producer who has invested his money, has all the right to exploit his film in every possible way by selling the rights available for his film, to recover his investment so that he or she can continue in the film business. For the film industry to operate smoothly, the three key stakeholders (producers, distributors and theatre owners) must work together in unison and take decisions in the best interest of the industry. We strongly request that no individual film trade association should take any decision and announce it unilaterally, which may hurt the interest of a film producer, who is trying to protect his business.  
We also request that, once this lockdown due to Corona is lifted, all the stakeholders and office bearers of all associations must meet, discuss and arrive at a feasible solution for all the issues before us, including on OTT release of new films, for the benefit and welfare of Tamil film industry.  
Looking for the Unity of Tamil Film Industry,  
Tamil Film Producers:  
Director Bharathirajaa, T.G. Thyagarajan, K. Muralidharan, T. Siva, K.S. Srinivasan, K. Rajan, K.E. Gnanavel Raja, Lyca Tamil Kumaran, H. Murali, K. Vijayakumar, Chitra Lakshmanan, S.S. Durairaj, FEFSI Shiva, YNOT S. Sashikanth, G. Dhananjayan, S.R. Prabhu, Rajasekar Pandian, JSK Satish Kumar, C.V. Kumar, S. Lakshman, Sudhan Sundaram, Suresh Kamatchi, Director Manobala, Director Pandiraj, S. Nandagopal, Director Manoj Kumar, Panju Subbu, Radha Ravi, Auraa Cinemaa Mahesh, R.K. Suresh, Vinod Kumar, P.S. Raghunathan, Libra Ravindran, P. Ranganathan, M.S. Murugaraj, Dr. Prabhu Thilak, 'Guinness' Babu Ganesh, Madurai Selvam, Punch Bharath and many Film Producers."