The entire nation is under lockdown mode, to battle the spread of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus. People are slowly getting adapted to a quarantine lifestyle but normalcy is also returning in places with lockdown restrictions being lifted by the Governments. This Pandemic has brought out many horror stories as well as humane stories but a recent incident in Madhya Pradesh, is highly shocking! A video of two policemen brutally assaulting a young man with their lathis, has gone viral. This incident is said to have taken place at the Chhindwara district of the state.

Police brutally assault man in Madhya Pradesh!

The policemen have hit the man repeatedly on his head, neck and body, till he fell unconscious and even more disturbing is the fact that not even a single person came forward to help the guy getting beaten up. Following the video of this incident going viral on the internet, the two Policemen - Head Constable Krishna Dongre and Ashish who were in the clip, have been taken off active duty. Addressing the media, senior Police Officer Shashank Garg told that the video was an old one and that the man had created a ruckus and that was the reason behind the Policemen resorting to violence to control him. No case has been filed against the man but a probe has been ordered into the incident. 

Check out the video here: