Korean filmmaker Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite bagged 4 important awards at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards including ‘Best Director’, ‘Best International Feature Film’, ‘Best Original Screenplay’ and ‘Best Picture’. While the film is being celebrated all over the world, a smaller section of audience in Kollywood expressed that the film had a similarity with the premise of Thalapathy Vijay’s Minsara Kanna which released in 1999. In fact, the Tamil film’s producer P.L.Thenappan had stated that he will take legal action against the makers of Parasite for lifting the concept from his film, directed by K.S.Ravikumar.


Thenappan’s decision had got a mixed response on social media. Following that, a new update has now come out and it looks like Thenappan and his legal team is in no mood to leave this issue. According to the latest updates, Thenappan’s team have sent a legal notice to director Bong Joon Ho and the producers of the film, seeking an explanation. It is said that a legal action will be taken against the makers of Parasite if they don’t revert back by next Wednesday (February 26).


In a recent interview with Times of India, advocate Easwar Kuppusamy of Thenappan’s legal team, shared a few details about their plan of action in this controversy. He was quoted as saying, “We sent them an email last Wednesday. We’d provided them with details of Minsara Kanna, like its censoring date, star cast, story, etc. They can’t deny that they have lifted the basic plot (from the Tamil film). There are several films which have similar ideas, but an entire family going to a rich family’s house and deceiving them is Minsara Kanna’s plot. The only difference is that Parasite doesn’t belong to the romantic genre.


We will then send a legal notice to the director and the producer through Korean Embassy. We will also be informing the Academy Awards team about this. If they accept charges of plagiarism, further action will be decided. As this is a dispute between Indian and Korean production companies, we may also involve a forum of foreign advocates. But I foresee an amicable solution if they admit to having lifted the plot. Then, it’s up to the producer if he wants to demand monetary compensation.” Stay tuned to this space for further updates.

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