As informed earlier, director Visu and Kavithalayaa Productions now headed by K Balachander’s daughter Pushpa Kandhaswamy are having a small battle going on between them. The issue started when Visu came across a rumour about Dhanush acquiring the remake rights of Netrikkan which has the screenplay written by him. Visu claimed that he has not been recognized and given due credits as a writer by Kavithalayaa. Pushpa was quick enough to clarify this issue with an official press statement stating that the rights of Netrikkan has now been sold to anyone. But Visu’s problem doesn’t stop with just Netrikkan, several films of his have been allegedly sold by Kavithalayaa without his concern. Now Visu has released yet another video on his YouTube channel stating that Dhanush called him and personally clarified the rumours about him acting in Netrikkan remake.  
Here is what Dhanush to Visu - “We have you in our hearts, my father worked as an assistant director with you since 1982, he travelled with you for 7 to 8 years being part of several films of yours. Uncle, the news that reached you wasn’t true. When a journalist asked me which Rajini film that I would want to remake now, I instantly said ‘Netrikkan’ because I really like that film, that’s all that I said and what you see in the media is all goofed up. I have neither got the rights of Netrikkan or have approached anybody regarding the film. The news about me remaking the film is completely false.” 
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