Mamathi Chari is one of the few successful media personalities with multi-talents as she thrives as an actress, RJ and Television anchor as well. Mamathi's stint in the second season of the television reality show Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan earned her more spotlight with the current generation as well. The talented star is also known for her social views and as the one who never fails to voice out about the issues in the society. In her latest video, Mamathi spoke about the domestic violence that some women might undergo during this lockdown and urged everyone to share the helpline number to every woman one might know.

Regarding the video, Mamathi wrote on her channel, 
"Help me save our women trapped in inescapable Domestic Violence during this Lockdown. Share the numbers as detailed with EVERY woman YOU know, regardless of age, wealth, status or power. YOU WILL Save lives. Please share this on all your social media pages also. Domestic Violence Helpline number for Women, Children and MEN in India: 1800 102 7282"

Save these Souls, yours sincerely, Mamathi Chari