The COVID-19 has turned into a Pandemic and has claimed thousands of lives across the world. The Indian government has ordered a 21-day lockdown period of which we have crossed 19 days already. However, the effects of the Virus are still being felt with the number of infected cases only going up with each passing day. It looks like the nation’s lockdown may be extended for a week or two. A few states in the country have already announced state-level lockdowns and now all eyes on what our Prime Minister is going to decide.  
This sure is a difficult time for everyone around the globe, the economy is hit and the underprivileged are fighting for their daily bread and butter. Music director Harris Jayaraj however, the sees the positive side of the given situation. He says the earth is healing and we going through pain of the treatment. His exact statement reads as follows - “Now it’s more than three weeks of Lockdown. To get healed, one has to go through the pain of the treatment. Good NEWS is Earth is improving out of our treatment. It needs more, and please stay back at home.”