Ever since, cricketer Harbhajan Singh started playing for Chennai Super Kings, he is trying to make as much as of his Tweet in Tamil. Of course, he has an assistant to get the job done but still that intent to spread a south Indian language is praiseworthy. As is commonly known, Cricket and Cinema are the two C's that have the biggest following in India. It is quite common for cricketers to foray into Cinema but very rare for them to turn full-time actors and become heroes. Harbhajan Singh would be playing the antagonist to Comedy Superstar Santhanam, in his upcoming movie Dikkilona. He has also signed to play the lead in a couple of other Tamil films. So Harbhajan bond with Tamil is only going to grow in the coming years.  
harbhajan harbhajanSanthanam Harbhajan Singh Dikkiloona shoot wrapped up
Harbhajan’s tweets are always fun to read as he uses his handle so wisely following the current trend. Even during these crises, the celebrated cricketer has tried to create awareness in a unique way that would attract a lot of readers. He starts his tweet in Vijay’s Kutty Story style, here is the tweet we are talking about - “Let me tweet a குட்டிstory,Pay attention listen2  


தடைகளை உடைச்சு WorldCup, Oscarன்னு வாங்கின நமக்கு, கண்ணுக்குத்தெரியாத #Corona ஒரு சவால்.இதை #21daysoflockdown ல் ஜெய்ச்சு உலகத்துக்கு முன்னாடி கெத்தா காலரதூக்குரதுக்காக #StayAtHomeSaveLives  @CMOTamilNadu @Vijayabaskarofl”