Ever since the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic began ravaging across the world, almost all the countries have gone into lockdown mode and life as we know it as normal, has changed completely! Most of the companies have asked their employees to work from home and this has lead to many official as well as personal video conferencing happening on popular apps like Zoom and Cisco Webex! However, it recently came to light that the Zoom app had been compromised on security and that many hackers were using it to hack into top companies and steal secrets. Earlier, the Ministry of Home Affairs had also released a security guideline manual for people to follow while using the Zoom app. Recently, there has been a news circulating online, which has also been reported by leading media houses!

Government denies launching alternate for video conferencing app Zoom

This news suggests that the India Government has come up with a new video conferencing app called Namaste, as an alternate for the Zoom app. The news further states that the government had already launched the Namaste app's Beta Version. However, the PIB - Press Information Bureau of the Government of India, has slammed these reports to be mere rumours! A separate Twitter handle, called PIB Fact Check, has been disseminating all and any false news related to the Government and its policies and schemes. This handle has slammed all false reports on the Namaste app and stated that the Government has neither launched nor endorsed any video conferencing app!

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