Jyotika’s much-awaited Ponmagal Vandhal is all set to premiere tomorrow (May 29) on Amazon Prime. For the first time in her career, Jyotika will be seen as a lawyer and this film is expected to showcase her in a different dimension. The film has music scored by 96 sensation Govind Vasantha. If Ponmagal Vandhal manages to do well on Amazon Prime, this could very well open the doors for many such female-centric films. We hope Jyotika becomes the first OTT superstar from Tamil film industry. When Spanish series like Money Heist can attract people even living in the rural parts Tamil Nadu, why can’t Ponmagal Vandhal reach out to the west? If it does, the market for Tamil films would expand immensely. Let’s hope Ponmagal Vandhal brings a change to the industry.  
 First review of Jyotika's Ponmagal Vandhal First review of Jyotika's Ponmagal Vandhal
Meanwhile, a special preview of Ponmagal Vandhal was screened yesterday for a select few celebrities. Radhika Sarathkumar who watched the show has shared a few words about the film on Twitter - “Watched a special preview of #PonmagalVandhalOnPrime very engrossing, well narrated. Very strong content, socially relevant theme. Well done @Suriya_offl and #jotika hope your endeavours stand you in good stead. Jotika was very good and outshone herself.”
First review of Jyotika's Ponmagal Vandhal