In light of the rampantly spreading Corona Virus pandemic, almost all the industries in our nation have come to a standstill and a lockdown has been issued in 75 districts of the country. The Corona Virus has already claimed thousands of lives across the world and preventive measures are being taken everywhere to safeguard the people from this deadly disease. Earlier today, the Prime Minister of India had announced that the entire Nation has to stay in door for 21 so that the government can control this virus from spreading. A 21 day lockdown period is something that not everybody could digest but that’s the need of the hour even if you accept it or not. Film stars are trying as much as they can to create awareness among the general public.  
Dhanush supported Narendra Modi’s decision, he did his part by creating awareness via Twitter, his tweet reads as follows: “I welcome this 21daylockdown announced by our PM nd Request all of you 2 cooperate fully,as dis will break d chain of coronavirus spread. And Govt has ensured essential supplies will b available,so let’s not throng grocery&veg shops Let’s fight this together #CoronavirusLockdown”