It is just not the physical health of people, that is being affected by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic! The mental health of people is also being badly affected due to the constant gloominess surrounding us and the quarantine & self-isolation being imposed on everyone! It has now come to light that a man of Indian origin has been arrested in Singapore, for verbally abusing Police & health officers, while they were trying to enforce social distancing. The 53-year-old man, named Ravi Sinathamby Subramaniam, has pleaded guilty to two charges of verbally abusing enforcement officers and a third charge of threatening to "break the faces" of three health officers!

The above mentioned three charges and five other charges were levelled against the man, who was subsequently sentenced to 7 months in prison, for these offences which he committed over two days, last month! The first offence is said to have been committed when he was standing in the queue of a convenience store and loudly complained about the crowd, before getting into an altercation with the Police, who arrived there. Just four days later, he committed the next offense, at a coffee shop. Ravi was not wearing his mask as advised by the authorities and when a lady officer approached him to point it out, he is said to have turned aggressive and abused her with threats! Ravi has also been penalised a number of times earlier, for different offenses and is a habitual offender.