Cook with Comali sensation Pavithra Lakshmi has featured in a new music video and the song is called 'Mama Calm Ah'. This fun filled number is composed by Josh Vivian, who has also penned the lyrics. Gana Bala and Josh Vivian have lent their voices for the song and the duo have done a great job with the rendition. The song looks to be a potential chartbuster and it has peppy beats to hold the listeners' attention. The song has been released on Think Music's latest campaign - Think Indie - an initiative to encourage independent music from budding talents. The video song was released last night (June 10) and it has opened to a rousing reception from the fans.

People who loved Pavithra in Cook with Comali will definitely be delighted to see her in this and interestingly, we get to see her perform a few dance movements, as well. Pavithra looks cute and adds more colour to the video song. The video song is choreographed and directed neatly - due credits to director Enoc Able and Josh Vivian. The song has been shot by Nehemiah Johnson and Arul and edited by John Ram. Gana Bala's stylish and funky transformation is cool to watch. The video song has got a very positive reception from the fans and we could spot some Cook with Comali fans requesting Pavithra to feature in a video song along with Pugazh.

Will that happen? Can we see Pugazh and Pavithra in a video song, soon? Well, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the developments. Josh Vivian is a popular independent musician who has several hit songs to his credit. His song, 'Cosmopolitan Kadhali', which released a few years before is one of the sensational hit numbers and let us hope that the latest single track, 'Mama Calm Ah' also follows suit. Check out the newly released 'Mama Calm Ah' video song featuring Cook with Comali fame Pavithra Lakshmi, along with Josh Vivian and Gana Bala here: