Not just India but entire nations across the world are under lockdown mode because of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic. This has caused many popular events across the world, including sporting events, political events and other such, to be cancelled. But nothing can actually stop the spirit of an artist. Few talents artistes have been generating fresh and innovative contents even during this lockdown. Director Arun Vaidyanathan is currently working on a short film with a fancy technical team and a leading actor. Though Arun did not reveal who the artistes are, but he has promised to deliver us quality content. His tweet reads as follows - “ is the scoop news....I have done a short film during this lockdown....with some fantastic technicians and an amazing actor..... You all are going to be mind blown..... Wait 😉" 
Arun Vaidyanathan mentions funny difference between TN Andhra Police Arun Vaidyanathan mentions funny difference between TN Andhra Police
Arun Vaidyanathan rose to fame after directing his debut film Achchamundu Achchamundu starring Prasanna and Sneha in the lead roles. He then went to direct a Malayalam film called Peruchazhi which had Superstar Mohanlal as the protagonist. Arun followed that political satire with an action crime thriller Nibunan. Arun Vaidyanathan regularly voices his opinions on social happenings. So, what will this shortfilm be about? Something to raise awareness like what Venkat Prabhu and Amitabh Bachchan and gang did? Or will it be a fresh topic all together. Stay tuned to know more