The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has revealed that according to a study conducted by it, India will witness a record number of childbirths since the COVID-19 Corona Virus was declared a Pandemic, in March, 2020! The report states that India has a projected estimate of over 20 million babies, which will be born in the 9 months between March and December of 2020! This report was mainly issued to reveal that pregnant mothers and babies born during this period would be subjected to strained healthcare systems and disruptions in services, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic! According to this report, an estimated 116 million babies would be born worldwide, in the shadow of the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic.

India to have record high childbirths since COVID-19 Pandemic! 

The statistics in the report reveal that between March 11th & December 16th, India will have an estimated 20.1 million childbirths while China comes in next with about 13.5 million, followed by Nigeria (6.4 million), Pakistan (5 million) and Indonesia (4 million). The report also goes on to state that most of the countries in this list already had a high neonatal mortality rate even before the COVID outbreak and the present situation may see an even higher increase in the rate. The USA is expected to come in 6th on this list, with an estimated 3.3 million babies during this same period. A sad statistic is that even before the onset of the COVID Pandemic, an estimated 2.8 million pregnant women and newborn babies died every year across the world, that too most of them from preventable causes. This survey was undertaken by the UNICEF in light of the impending Mother's Day, which falls on May 10th!