A two-time National Award winner, G Dhananjayan has won it for Best Film Critic in 2017 and Best Book on Tamil Cinema, in 2015. The former head of Moser Baer Entertainment and UTV Motion Pictures South, Dhananjayan has produced and distributed a number of movies. He has also penned 4 books and is the founder of the Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy, which is one of the best film institutes in Chennai with top cinema personalities taking classes here. Considered to be one of the most knowledgeable authorities on Tamil Cinema and the business behind it, GD is well known for his in-depth knowledge.  G Dhananjayan took part in Galatta’s first-ever Sharechat live interaction session.  
 Will TN Government permit film industry to start post-production work?Will TN Government permit film industry to start post-production work?
During the conversation, G Dhananjayan had revealed Tamil Nadu Production association has requested the government of Tamil Nadu to let the producers resume all the post-production works for Tamil film industries that can be done indoors with proper social distancing measures. Few of our neighboring states have acquired permissions to work on post-production works and GD is hopeful that the government of Tamil Nadu will approve their request to start the post-production works in the coming days. G Dhananjayan also added that he doesn’t expect the shooting for movies to kick-start again any time soon. Even if shooting resumes, it would only be for TV and not for movies.