Tamil Nadu has now become the state with the second highest number of COVID-19 affected cases in India, following Maharashtra! The numbers are seemingly only going up rapidly with each passing day! Though the TN Government is taking a number of steps to control the spread of this Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, there seems to be not much improvement, especially in Chennai! There are currently 758 Containment Areas spread across 15 Zones, in Chennai alone. Now, the TN Government has come up with new demarcation guidelines for Containment Zones!

TN Government introduces new guidelines to be followed in Containment Zones!

Any area with more than 5 positive primary COVID-19 cases or more than five families infected with COVID-19 is considered a Containment area. Such areas would be demarcated and closed down from other areas and be surrounded by a buffer zone. Earlier a 5-kilometre radius around an infected are was considered a Containment Zone and a buffer zone extended for a further 2 kilometres. However, now an infected zone in a rural area will have a 0.5 km buffer zone and it would vary based on local conditions in cities. Now, a village with over five cases will have the whole village demarcated as a Containment Zone and in case of Corporation or Municipalities, the entire street or part of the street would be demarcated. In case of multi-storey buildings, it would be the entire building or the affected part of the building that would be demarcated!