To control the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, the Indian government first trialled a 1-day Janata Curfew on March 21st, before implementing a nation-wide lockdown from March 25th to April 14th! However, with the deadly Virus spreading unchecked, the lockdown was extended into a second phase from April 15th to March 3rd. This lockdown ensured that all modes of transport between states were brought to a halt and due to the suddenness of the lockdown, many people were left stranded in different places. Recently, two ambulance drivers took turns to drive a vehicle for over 3000 kms, to transport 5 people who were stranded in Chennai, to Tripura!

TN ambulance driver who drove people to Tripura tests COVID positive

All seven people were tested for symptoms of COVID-19 while they entered Tripura and their swabs were taken for proper testing. All the five people and the 2 drivers were placed under quarantine, on their arrival in Tripura. Their test results have come back and a driver from Tamil Nadu, has been found positive for the Corona Virus. However, the remaining 6 people have tested negative. The driver is now receiving treatment at Siliguri in Bengal and all those who came in contact with him during his stay in Tripura have been asked to submit themselves for testing. About 6000 Tripura citizens who are stranded outside of the state have registered with the authorities, requesting for help to return to their hometowns!