The number of Coronavirus cases in India has increased to over 145 by March 18th. Not many cases have been reported in Tamil Nadu yet but the state government has been very proactive to let the disease spread across the state. All multiplexes and theatres have been ordered to remain shut until further notice. Maharashtra has reported the highest number of cases followed by Kerala. So, for India has face three causalities because of the outbreak of Corona but this is just the official reported stats and there might be more people who are dead due to Corona which we don’t know as of yet.  
Meanwhile, film stars have been releasing videos and photos raising awareness to keep our self-safe from Corona. Social distancing is the need of the hour but you can still continue your routine by isolated. Actress Rakul Preet has now released a couple of photos on how she has used her home furniture as a prop for a regular fitness regime. Check out these photos: