Popular actress Vithika Sheru was already a popular name when she was announced last year to be one of the contestants for Bigg Boss season Telugu 3 and had participated with her actor-husband Varun Sandesh. During her stint on the show, she ended up as one among the top seven after thirteen weeks, with the actress now for the first time after almost a year revealing the trauma she had encountered mentally including the depression after stepping out of the Bigg Boss 3 house. Post her appearance on the show, Vithika has in a video on her own YouTube channel revealed that she was shocked upon coming to terms with the realization of how people began perceiving her. 

In the video, Vithika says, "I'm making this video so that nobody goes through what my family and I have gone through after the last season. I have experienced everything from depression, trolling, mental illness leading to suffering all in this one year. Being in the Bigg Boss house, I used to feel confident and proud, but I didn't realize the changes that would take place after I stepped out. I was being judged by people for twenty-four hours based on one hour of living inside that house. I felt bad in the way I was projected and it took me almost three and a half months to overcome such bad feelings. I managed to persist all such experiences only because of my family as none of my friends had taken a stand for me."

She further stated, "My hands sometimes tremble even today when I think about what has happened, but I'm content with the experiences as it has given me a big insight into life. I feel like I have seen everything that needs to be seen. What I'm trying to convey here is that, Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 recently began and there are people inside that house who also have lives outside. I have noticed hate campaigns against certain contestants and I wish at least one person who engages in trolling sees this video and thinks twice before they go about doing what they do, which ruins others lives. I feel close with my family after this entire experience and not everyone can be that lucky."

Watch Vithika Sheru talk in detail about her experiences in the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu house below: