Ashley Ross, a popular American reality television personality died from injuries sustained in a car accident. She was only 34 years old and was fondly called as Minnie from the show Little Women: Atlanta. Ross was involved in an accident in Atlanta on Sunday April 26th and died nearly 24 hours later at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. It is also reported that the deadly accident Ross was involved in was a hit-and-run case. Ross is survived by her mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle and other family members. 
Minnie’s publicist Dixson confirmed the passing away of Ashley Ross through her official Instagram page - “As I’m writing this I’m in tears I can’t believe it my Minnie !!!! Why did they take you away from us !!!! WHY!!!!! It always seems like we have all the time in the world, only to realize how fleeting it really is. I wish we had more time to do and say the things we saved for later which along with you is gone forever 💔 I promise to keep you alive in my memories and be there for your mama @grneyes4life and your aunt @vdeloney72 . You were more than our best friend you were our big sister and still is !!! I still can’t believe this man why man why!!!! , I love you so much !!!! My heart is broken 😭💔 Rest In Peace my love @msminnielwa 
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