The outbreak of coronavirus and the nation wide lockdown has affected the daily livelihood of people and everyone is put in a situation to be indoors for 21 days straight. With this being the current scenario, people are finding it difficult to spend their time inside home, but that is the need of the hour. Many netizens have expressed that they feel bored at home and are starting to miss their outside life. On that note, Archana Kalpathi, creative producer of Thalapathy Vijay’s Bigil, took to her Twitter space to share her current feeling.


Resonating the mindset of people out there, she said she misses watching movies at theatres along with the audience. She sounded quite emotional and her tweet has in fact got a very good response from the Twitter audience. Archana tweeted, “ Missing my work,housefull shows, Ticket pressure from friends and family,the chaos of FDFS, smell of fresh popcorn,the mess made by popcorn, the sound of applause, laughter and the pin drop silence that happens during a great scene. Missing the movie experience @agscinemas.

archana kalpathi

Interestingly, Vijay fans are requesting Archana Kalpathi to release a few deleted scenes from Bigil which didn’t make it to the final cut owing to duration constraints. Will Archana give an answer to all the Vijay fans? Will we get to see some deleted scenes of Bigil during this quarantine period? Well, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for it. Check out her tweet below: