Exactly, a year ago, music director AR Rahman was trolled by a section of people for making her daughter Khatija Rahman wear a burqa. People also called out Rahman for having alleged double standards. Both Rahman and Khatija did respond strongly to the hate wave. Rahman posted a photo of his family, all wearing different attires with the hashtag #FreedomToChoose. Even Khatija took to her social media space to defend her father’s position - “There were certain comments which said that this attire is being forced by my dad and that he has double standards. I would like to say that the attire I wear or the choices I make in my life does not have anything to do with my parents."  
Now, this issue has crept up yet again because of a post made by a renowned author Taslima Nasreen - “I absolutely love A R Rahman's music. But whenever i see his dear daughter, i feel suffocated. It is really depressing to learn that even educated women in a cultural family can get brainwashed very easily!” 
Khatija was soon enough to give a fitting reply to Taslima which reads as follows: “Been only a year and this topic is in the rounds again..there’s so much happening in the country and all people are concerned about is the piece of attire a woman wants to wear. Wow, I’m quite startled. Every time this topic comes the fire in me rages and makes me want to say a lot of things..Over the last one year, I’ve found a different version of myself which I haven’t seen in so many years. I will not be weak or regret the choices I’ve made in life. I am happy and proud of what I do and thanks to those who have accepted me the way I am. My work will speak, God willing.. I don’t wish to say any further. To those of you who feel why I’m even bringing this up and explaining myself, sadly it so happens and one has to speak for oneself, that’s why I’m doing it. 🙂. Dear Taslima Nasreen, 
I’m sorry you feel suffocated by my attire. Please get some fresh air, cause I don’t feel suffocated rather I’m proud and empowered for what I stand for. I suggest you google up what true feminism means because it isn’t bashing other women down nor bringing their fathers into the issue. I also don’t recall sending my photos to you for your perusal ” 
 AR Rahman
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