Leading Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s longtime assistant Amos died day before yesterday on the 12th of May after suffering a massive heart attack. The 60 years old Amos had been working with Aamir for the past 25 years. Actor Aamir Khan and his filmmaker wife, Kiran Rao were spotted at the funeral of Amos which happened yesterday afternoon. Aamir, Kiran, and a few others took part in the final rites wearing face masks. It is reported that it was Aamir Khan and his wife who took Amos to the hospital when he collapsed all of a sudden on Tuesday morning.  
Aamir Khan’s friend Karim Hajee had shared a few words about Amos to the press - "Amos worked with a superstar but was endearing and simple. He was like this to not just Aamir but everyone. He put everyone at ease and was a wonderful person. He had a wonderful heart, was so bright and a hard worker. He had no major illness, his death is shocking. He died with his boots on. Both Aamir and Kiran are devasted. Aamir had sent us a message and said it is an irreplaceable loss. We were so numb, we will miss him."