Hiccup (Dragon Rider) and Toothless (The Dragon) find ‘The Hidden World’, which can be a safe place for the dragons to live until the world understands and accepts them. What happens when an evil dragon hunter gets to know about this secret place, forms the remaining story of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World!

All the characters have been etched very strongly and the newly added characters are refreshing, portraying fresh motives. However, the known characters who were established in previous parts don’t carry much of a momentum, other than Hiccup and Toothless.

The white dragon named ‘Light Fury’ is an interesting addition to this part and the situations become more engrossing after its entry. The moments between Light Fury and Toothless are very cute and innocent. It eventually puts a smile on the face of the audience.

The staging is entertaining with many comical sequences, which work out to a decent extent and the conflict is also neatly set. However, post that, the film suffers and fails to engage, as the writing and execution lack substance. The content which has been tried to convey is delivered in a flat manner. Neither is there an impact nor engagement factor, in the final hour.

The animation quality is excellent, the visuals are beautiful and they perfectly blend with the special effects. Every frame looks vibrant and attractive, 3D depth is good and thus the entire experience is enjoyable. All kids are sure to be fascinated and enthralled with the graphics.

The comparison between this one and the first two parts gradually builds up. This film makes us think more about external thoughts, unfortunately without holding us on to this movie. The two lead characters we love, have been portrayed nicely and it is definitely a difficult task which has been pulled-off effortlessly.

The music is very sweet and different tunes have been mixed well along with the situations. The main ‘HTTYD’ theme track is outstanding as established earlier and it comes up again towards the climax and excites us. Editing has also been seamlessly done and the run-time of 105 minutes, is apt for the genre.

There are some irrelevant scenes which seem to be just for attraction but without any content and these portions are slightly boring. The romance between Hiccup and his girlfriend is cheesy and a natural approach is deeply missed. The dialogues are satisfactory in some areas but definitely, it could have been better in many parts.

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