It is a well known fact that Nitin is a huge fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. The Pawan effect is visible in almost all of Nitin's films. The actor has recently mentioned to the media that Pawan Kalyan is like God to him.

Nitin said, "Actually, There is some reference of him in all of my films right from the beginning, whether it was Jayam or Dil or Sye. As I am scoring hits these days, it became more popular now. Few people might comment that I am using his name. But, Pawan knows personally how much I like him. That's why he spoke about me in the audio launch of REY. I love him and I became a hero because of him. He is my god in the World of Cinema".

Infact Nitin's next film Courier Boy Kalyan also has Pawan charm in it. The title itself has Kalyan in the film and apparently Nitin’s character's name in the film is PK, which is also the short form for Pawan Kalyan. Now that's Pawanism for you!