Cricket crazy Venkatesh

In India, being cricket crazy is not uncommon. Just about everyone loves the sport, idolizes the cricketers and believe that they are experts at the game, irrespective of whether they have ever wielded the bat or�ball! And every cricket fan would just love to dump everything at hand and go for every match our Indian team plays, at every ground in the world, or at least catch it on TV! The DLF IPL T20 matches just ended, but the T20 World Cup series is just around the corner, and now everybody is excited about that!

Tollywood star Venkatesh is no exception!�A big time cricket addict, he tried his level best to catch every match in the recent IPL tournament on TV. But for the T20 World watching it on TV won’t do for him! “I’ll be there[in England] to cheer our team. My stay would depend on the progress of our team in the tournament,” he says. But he is completely confident that Dhoni’s captainship will surely get us to the finals and even win us the trophy for the second consecutive year. That’s pretty much what the entire nation feels as well!