Popular south Indian singer Chinmayi Sripada has been voicing out her opinions for quite some time on the MeToo movement with allegations of sexual harassment against reputed lyricist Vairamuthu. This sudden revelation shook the people in the film industry as well as the common folk. After her personal experience, she has been urging many others to come out in the open and also lend her support to the victims.

It must be noted Chinmayi has been a notable name in the dubbing field and in a turn of events a while back, her membership from the Dubbing Union was canceled with a statement saying the singer had not paid her subscription fees for several months. Regarding this issue, she said it was veteran actor Radha Ravi, the head of the Dubbing Union, who had her removed as she had spoken against Vairamuthu.

Since then, Chinmayi has been running a legal battle and has now received some respite after the High Court’s recent order in her favor. The singer took to her Twitter page to express her relief saying it is still a long battle ahead while also hoping that justice will prevail. Check out the tweet below: