One of the most shocking incidents of late that have stunned the entire nation is Pollachi Sexual Assault case. Members of a gang of friends in Pollachi have befriended a girl on facebook, lured her to loneliness in the name of love, raped her and blackmailed her with the videotape of the same. They have also further demanded a set of money from the victim in order to keep the video private. Bringing this to the notice of the police,  all the 4 guys have now been arrested under the Goondas Act.

Various celebrities have expressed their disappointment and sorrowes over this unfortunate incident on their official social media handles and adding on to that actress Sangitha krish has now openly made a statement regarding the same. Sangitha states that she has been trying to not comment on all these issues for a while and focusing on her family to find peace within but, she is truly fed up of hearing such chilling incidents. She has further expressed her anger towards people who intentionally hurt other human beings. 

Check out her strong Tweet below!