After an all-time blockbuster outing with his previous outing Rangasthalam, Ram Charan joins hands with a formidable team for an action drama film Vinaya Vidheya Rama.

DVV Entertainment has funded this venture which also features the likes of Kiara Advani, Ram Charan, Vivek Oberoi, Prashanth and Esha Gupta who comes for a dance number. The cast sheet looks star-studded and aptly picked, especially the inclusion of Sneha as Ram Charan’s sister-in-law which proves to be pretty effective. 

Coming from a director like Boyapati Srinu with a combination like this, we expect no-holds-barred entertainment with appropriate elements to please just about every type of audience. But that’s not the case with VVR, it is just a rehash of some of his previous films and it offers nothing new at all. 

VVR is an action/family film which talks about 5 orphans who live together as one family. The major problem with VVR is, you are not sure if it is a family film or an action film, the core purpose of making this project was never established. 

It has a weird screenplay pattern that leaves us confused. There are plenty of continuity errors and at places, you will wonder what is even happening, that’s how appalling it is. There is absolutely no coherence between one scene to another. It is so disappointing to see a film like this from an experienced director like Boyapati Srinu. 

Ram Charan sets the tone of the film. He is one actor who has the natural inclination to fit into any character, be it as a massy tough action hero or a cranky fun energetic performer. He has underplayed his cranky self here to fit into the character.

The songs do not actually set the racy tempo, they do come in as a hindrance and they are still foot tapping as you expect them to be. The production value of VVR is rich, we get to witness some great visuals from Rishi Punjabi.

The core script of the film looks very weak. The screenplay could have been tighter, you get to experience a lot of restless moments in the second half in particular. Kiara plays a typical mass film heroine who has very limited screen time and being used mostly for the songs. Actors like Prashanth could have been used better.

VVR has too many violent fight scenes. The action block around the interval gives you a good rush. To sum it up, VVR has not one scene that stays in your mind when you walk out of the theatre.

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