Bheeshma Movie Review (2020)


Bheeshma Telugu Movie Review

Bheeshma Movie Review

Bheeshma Movie Cast & Crew

Production : Sithara Entertainments
Director : Venky
Music Director : Mahati Swara Sagar

We find one or two romantic-family entertainers in Telugu cinema each week. Family drama with adequate emotional scenes, comedies, fight, mass with a little bit of social message is the way to go. This combination has proven to be successfully provided the finished product is exciting. 

Bheeshma is the newest addition to this genre, and it also has a fun action track which keeps the audience at hook all the time. The story is simple, a carefree irresponsible youngster becomes the CEO of one of the top farming companies in India. How he tackles his obstacles to become the permanent CEO is what Bheeshma is all about. It is straightforward with hardly any twists or interesting cat and mouse game. Even the screenplay is predictable, almost all the scenes remind you of recent other Tollywood films. Bheeshma is more or less like a lesser effective version of Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo.

Nithiin and Rashmika’s chemistry and the farming angle scenes overshadowed the illogical scenes. Though the over the top stunts did not serve the purpose, they come in handy to the narrative. Because it saves us from over beaten me WhatsApp forward messages. The hero-villain battle was bland as it can get. There was hardly any opposition. The hero hits the villain so badly that he can never come back. The battle ends 30 minutes before the film’s climax. It was all baseless messages after that. Having said that a common man might not have any issues with these as long as he finds the movie interesting. The overall making covers all its loopholes. A big thanks to the art department and cinematographer for packaging it so well.

Verdict: A predictable and logic-less family entertainer that works at parts!

Galatta Rating: ( 2.5 /5.0 )

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