After Brochevarevaruraa, audience had a lot of expectations from Sree Vishnu. Now, it is already known that the actor is taking a step into gangster drama with Thipparaa Meesam. The makers had already released his look from the film and it was very well received. Now, the makers have released the teaser of this revenge drama. Before dismissing it as a repetitive one, we should speak about the few really good things the teaser packed.

The actor, for starters, has done an incredible job. His dialogue delivery to his nuances, all are commendable. Secondly, the dialogue - “Like alcohol and women, fascination for the enemy is also an addiction”. This dialogue probably steals the cake from every other thing shown in the teaser. It’s raw and it’s unhinged. But while we see such good things, what doesn’t fit is the usage of footage which is age-old. We are all a little bored with the same old fight scenes and revenge plot.

Watch the teaser here - 

Hopefully, the makers might come up with a better way of presenting the way rather than making it any other revenge drama. The music by Suresh Bobbili is also another commendable thing in the teaser. Let’s see how the film performs…