The cinema-goers of today have a number of constraints, especially in the age of multiplexes where starting from the tickets to the parking to the food at the counters, everything is expensive. This is definitely not affordable for all the people and in turn, even encourages piracy at times. A couple of days back, Tamil Nadu's Minister of Information & Broadcasting - Kadambur Raju, issued a statement proposing to make all movie ticket sales go online to help in tracking the business and introduce better transparency in the field of Cinema.

Kadambur Raju prposal ticket price reduction

Now, we have yet another update. Minister Kadambur Raju has come up with a new proposal, stating that instead of service charge being applied for each individual ticket purchased online, they should begin charging a single service charge irrespective of the number of tickets purchased during a single transaction. This proposal, if it comes into effect after consideration from all the stakeholders, would make life easy for all cinema lovers. The minister has also stated that he would put forth a proposal to reduce the prices of the food items in the theatres.

Kadambur Raju AIADMK Information & Broadcasting Minister

We hear that as of now, the producers, distributors and theatre owners are in discussions about making all the ticket sales online and following that the proposals about the service charges and food & beverage costs are also expected to be discussed. Stay tuned for further updates...

Kadambur Raju reduction in online tickets service charge