Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, without any second thoughts, it is safe to say, that a biopic on this man’s life is a long overdue. There are plenty of interesting stories that are read-only in archives. We aren’t sure if all the stories on this man are accurate but who would mind watching a movie about a superhuman being worshipped by lakhs and lakhs of people.

We know that NTR served as the Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh over 3 terms and we are aware he is one of the most prolific and dynamic actors that the South Indian film fraternity as ever produced. Here is a chance to witness a fascinating story of a boy born in a small village to a poor farmer who went to act in over 300 films and demonstrated enormous popular appeal and attained cult-figure status.

NTR Kathanayakudu is the first of the 2 part biopic largely talks about the acting career of NTR with a strong climax that gives a strong lead for the second part which will primarily focus on his political expedition. So how did he manage to get his big break in films? His struggles, ups and downs and more about his philanthropic activities. The film covers all the above-mentioned points.

Though he is a hugely popular hero, Balakrishna has a fair share of haters. Some even troll him for his mannerisms and body languages. For all those haters, this film is a must watch. He is a powerhouse of talent and this film shows just that. He fits the bill so perfectly. His make up is extraordinary as well and at places, you will think if they had used the original footage of NTR. That’s how close to perfect Balakrishna was to play this role.

There is plenty of crowd-pleasing scenes that comes once in a while to keep the screenplay moving. A scene where he transforms to play the role of Lord Krishna and the scene as he breaks into the lab and argues with a police officer to send the prints of his upcoming film to the theatres. These are some of the scenes that you need to look for - goosebumps guaranteed.

It is an out and out Balakrishna film, though all the supporting actors do their best to showcase their mettle, your eyes could not help but only watch the talent displayed on the screen by Balayya. The technical team deserves a pat on their back. They have all done a great job to provide what the script required. The art and CGI departments, in particular, need special mention since all their efforts may go unnoticed - Picture perfect they say!

On the downside, only the positive sides were shown. The lead didn’t have any major conflict or obstacles to overcome so the journey seemed pretty easy. A touch of artificiality existed which helped the glorification to an extent. What quite didn't add up was the admiration expressed whoever lays their eyes on him which initiated even before NTR became an established actor. The glorification of the actor could have been muted down to a more gradually building process. The second half could have been a tad shorter as the screenplay dipped a bit.