Geetha Govindam is a Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Parasuram, it is produced by Bunny Vas under the banner of GA2 pictures. Film stars Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles.

Vijay Deverakonda, being the most eligible bachelor falls in love at his first sight with Rashmika. Whats happens after they get along forms the remaining story.

After seeing in a rough and tough role in Arjun Reddy, it is refreshing to see Vijay Deverakonda as an innocent youngster, his good character but vice versa happenings set the situations right. Rashmika on the other end is super impressive in a story-oriented role with apt and cute reactions, especially in the final hour. Side artists have given only less scope to attract, the support is not too strong. Chemistry between the lead pair is lovely.

Parusuram has inserted a decent storyline inside this characters driven film, the small conflicts build up the base. Direction is neat by handling both technical stuff and character sketches with maturity. Dialogues are fun, though few lines follow the regular cliché pattern, the comic ones offer engagement. Screenplay is engaging in most of the places, both the halves move in a pure time-pass flow.

Gopi Sundar's songs are the top selling point of the movie, especially 'Inkem Kaavale' is a earworm. A sad number towards the end appears as a speed-breaker though it is a montage. Background music is also sweet, inducing the songs by twisting the soundtracks worked as a nice idea. Cinematography is an eye-cooler, the background and lighting were colourful fitting the mood. Editing is decent, cuts are pretty good, but the overall duration feels a bit long.

Few weird behaviour of the female lead character in the first half is justified well in the latter. An accidental problem is stretched out big time. There are also some new characters included just to fill up the comic quotient towards the end. Narrating the whole thing to Nithya Menon was not so necessary. Film drags out a lot even after the sub-plots came to a conclusion. The cinematic climax is enjoyable despite of being artificial.