With a familiar team of young actors and a strong technical crew, Yeidhavan gets off to a brisk start. The story wastes no time in getting into the main plot, the malpractices that take place in and around getting admissions in medical colleges.

The boy next door looks gives Kalaiyarasan a strong advantage when it comes to portraying the role of a middle class business man who’s keen to get his sister to join the MBBS course. Aptly supporting him is Satna Titus who’s a police woman and also his girlfriend.

Right from the first frame, the dark tones in the cinematography prepares the audience for an action ride of a revenge saga and the gritty mood is maintained throughout the film. Director Sakthi Rajasekaran has nearly balanced an individual’s discontent in being cheated and the social problem of students losing their education due to government’s slow paced approach as well as mistakes committed by private colleges.

Be it the lead Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus, his friend or Aadukalam Naren, everyone had done their characters to perfection. The newcomer as a villain has gotten off to a good start and with the right scripts, can perform much better. Cinematography is a major plus for the film with the color tone and the camera angles while the editor should have been more stringent in some scenes. Music by Paartav Barggo has rendered some okayish songs and background score.

Produced by Friends Festival Films, Yeidhavan is a movie that’s the need of the hour and the director definitely has done a decent job. While it should be great to have a gripping 2 hour film, there’s a couple of slow paced scenes in the second half and songs that act as a speed breaker.

From a viewer’s perspective, the overlapping Kalaiyarasan’s story and the students’ issue is a bit slow paced towards the end yet the movie comes out as a decent entertainer for people of all age groups, especially youngsters.

Thumbs Up

• Kalaiyarasan in the lead role is a major plus for Yeidhavan. So is the rest of the cast who have brought the story to life.

• Cinematography and the way the shots have been depicted gives the much needed dark look to the narrative.

• A social issue that forms the crux of the story gives director Sakthi Rajasekaran the credit he deserves.

• Racy first half that will keep you glued to the seats.

Thumbs Down

• While it starts well, the second half gets bit awry and slow as it tries to showcase two different stories at once.

• Yet again, the songs are something should be avoided in fast paced films like this one.


An engaging revenge drama based on a social problem.