Vijay Antony is put in several situations that will force him to kill others and save his life. How he gets into politics and how he beats the villain forms the fulcrum of the story.

Thumbs Up :
1. Vijay Antony's performance deserves a special mention. His subtle expression in certain places has complemented the story well.

2. The mind game between the hero and the villain keep the viewers engrossed in the story.

3. Veteran actor Thiagarajan as a politician is a revelation.

4. Cinematography by Jeeva Shankar is a huge advantage to the script.

5. Miya George comes throughout the movie and her character in the film also pushed the story forward.

Thumbs Down :
1. The story's narration in the first half is slow paced and might test your patience at times.

2. For a script like Yaman, songs do not add to the story. The song placement in the film could have been better.

Vijay Antony has another winner on the hands.