Not many times can one walk into the theater with a clear notion of what to expect but Velai Illa Pattathari 2 is a different experience altogether and everyone reserved their tickets knowing what to expect!

The situation is a win-win for Dhanush, director Soundarya and the audience all at once because there are no surprises and no disappointments either. VIP 2 is a kickass ride right from the start when Raghuvaran, the character as we know it receives an award for outstanding performance but refuses the job offer made by Kajol’s multinational company.

The Clash of the corporate CEO and a small-time guy who is still in his early stages of career is an interesting plot line to start off with. Ample space had been given to Dhanush’s married life with Amala Paul and throughout the first half of the film, the comedy seems to work out very well. The core aspect of the movie revolves around him locking horns with Kajol, a business tycoon who wants to bag a massive project and does everything in power to crush the newcomer.

VIP 2 is an all-out Dhanush show without questions and for a seasoned actor like him who had done lots of unique characters, it is no big deal to play Raghuvaran yet again. The film’s third sequel has already been confirmed that shows how confident he is about the character Raghuvaran. A stunning entry is Kajol after a long break in Kollywood. What VIP lacked in terms of a formidable villain has been efficiently filled up by Kajol in the second part and her presence makes sure the entire run time is engaging to sit through.

Amala Paul dutifully plays the homely married woman. While she looks good, her role is secluded to a specific area in Velai Illa Pattathari 2 and that’s an okay decision considering the storyline. The set pieces in the movie including the corporate office and other locales look amazing on screen, thanks to excellent cinematography by Sameer Thahir. And, yes there is Samuthirakani and his graceful presence as the hero’s father.

Sean Roldan’s background score and songs aptly fit the storyline but it isn’t surprising to see audience get excited whenever the BGM composed by Anirudh comes in as they have come to love it in the first movie. The film doesn’t focus on the life of engineers this time around that may put off some college students. For a first time director, Soundarya Rajinikanth had done an amazing job and she receives two thumbs up for effectively bringing the script penned by Dhanush to life on screen.

The signature moves that made the first part a rocking experience in screens had been brilliantly redone in the second part and it is a fitting sequel to the original in all respect.

Is VIP 2 a fun ride in the theaters? Definitely!  

Thumbs Up

·         It’s a Dhanush show all the way. He hits the jackpot yet again!

·         An equally well-deserved screen space by Kajol makes VIP 2 exciting

·         A familiar story that has been executed well with ample comedy, fights and romance

·         Background score

Thumbs Down

·         The songs aren’t so appealing this time around

Verdict – Satisfies every expectation. A cool hit for Raghuvaran.