Director P Vasu excels at making some of the blockbuster hits and always had a good idea of what the audience would enjoy. Sivalinga with Raghava Lawrence in the lead and a host of supporting characters played by Shakthi, Rithika Singh, Vadivelu and Oorvasi is a horror thriller with a lot of comical scenes thrown in.

When watching Sivalinga, it would be very difficult to not draw comparisons with movies like Chandramukhi and the Muni trilogy featuring Lawrence. However, P Vasu should be aware of the similarities and has handled the script in such a way that it is engaging throughout the run time.

Lawrence dons the role of a CBCID officer who investigates the murder of Shakthi and his pet pegionSara is the only clue to find the murderer. When Lawrence gets married to Rithika Singh, she is possessed by the spirit who is looking for answers. And, it’s up to the super cop to untangle the case and reveal the secrets within.

Reprising the role of a scared and elegant police officer is a cake walk for Raghava Lawrence. Once again, he impresses the audience with his dance steps in Rangu Rakara song and so does Rithika. She may not be the best fit for a glamorous heroine or the way Jyothika portrayed Chandhramukhi but the actress does her level best. A convincing screenplay in the first half that reveals Shakthi’spast keeps one engaged but it falters a bit in the second half.

Vadivelu has some decent comical dialogs here and there in Sivalinga but it’s his part in the main storyline that makes things interesting. The songs are choreographed and picturized adequately while horror scenes and the stunts are sure to appeal to the masses. Director P Vasu has targeted the family crowd and he had fairly succeeded in making the familiar horror plotline interesting by making good use of the ensemble cast with the right mix of police investigation and an avenging ghost.

Thumbs Up

• Lawrence’s performance, be it the dance or the serious police officer suits his appearance as it carries the script forward

• Rithika Singh’s changeover is neat while Oorvasi and Vadivelumakes sure the audience enjoys a hearty laugh

• Screenplay that reveals the flashback portions in bits and pieces are well done that keeps the interest factor intact

• Fast beat songs and brilliant dance steps deserve an applause

Thumbs Down

• Annoyingly loud noises during the cliched horror scenes could have been toned down

• Familiarity with previous horror movies that we have already watched dampens the pace


 A wholesome family entertainer for people of all age groups