Spoiler free review

Produced by Nathambal Film Factory, Sathya is an action thriller and the movie sticks to the genre right from the first frame. Instead of spending time in title cards, it instantly goes on to reveal the character of Sibiraj followed by his current lifestyle and the news he hears through someone in India.

For the average movie goer, these plot points are more than enough to get them hitched into the movie’s timeline. The core plot of the film is simple yet very interesting because there is a twist and turn on almost every scene in the entire movie. Remya Nambeesan is Sibiraj’s ex-girlfriend who contacts him after nearly four years.

She has a favour to ask of him which is to help her find her missing daughter as the police force, her husband and everyone is not supporting her as they would. The guy who is settled in a solid job in abroad comes to her rescue. Sibiraj in association with Sathish starts investigating only to find more confusing reveals than clues on what happened to the small girl.

Sibiraj has found his strengths and has explored them to his level best. Instead of trying to act, he simply plays the role of a guy who wants to help his lover and adequately does the part with low profile emotions at all times. If the story could carry the weight, Sibi can definitely shine in a lot of movies.

Remya Nambeesan’s role is strong and well-etched as she does it to perfection of a lost mother who is unable to find her girl. More than the romantic sequences in the first half, Remya is compellingly good as a mother in the rest of film. While there is some slowdown in the romantic portions, Yogi Babu ensures it is fun with his amazing one-liners and comedic screen presence.

Sathya directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthi is a faithful remake to the original Telugu movie Kshanam and a great watch for the Tamil audience. The film’s core scenes are not exactly remade but rather done to match Kollywood’s style. Supporting cast keeps the film engaging especially Anandraj, Sathish, Varalaxmi and many others.

A technical brilliance in some shots, Arunmani Palani’s camera and coloring is further enhanced by Simon K King’s beautiful background music that maintains the eerie feel. The short run time of two hours and a very twisty, riveting second half makes Sathya a thrilling ride that will satisfy all classes of audience.

Thumbs Up

·         The believable twists and turns will keep Sathya heavily engaging

·         Sibiraj has come a long way and seamlessly fits into the role

·         Remya Nambeesan’s charming appearance and strong performance

·         Excellent supporting cast – Varalaxmi, Anand Raj steals the show

·         Camera work and background music done to its best levels

Thumbs Down

·         The romantic portions in the first half aren’t too captivating yet they help the film’s narrative later on

Verdict – Exciting and engaging, Sathya is a true thriller that keeps surprising you till the very end.