When stepping into the theaters into a movie with Udhayanidhi Stalin in the lead and directed by Ezhil, it is clear that it is not going to be a crime thriller or a film that deals with a social issue. The actor and the director have carved a niche in the comedy genre which is what most movie goers would expect of them.

Udhayanidhi had a very decent beginning with Manidhan which is a great variation compared to his films with Santhanam and Ezhil is good with his comedy flicks at all times. However, Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen tests your patience within the first 15 minutes since the movie begins.

Udhayanidhi is Saravanan who’s in fight with his childhood rival Regina Cassandra and also creates enemity with Soori. The storyline doesn’t move further because it’s going to be a film about love and marriage in the end, as expected but the treatment is where the movie fails big time. The makers have gone to a whole new level with fillers all over the film and a completely unnecessary horror element featuring Shrusti Dange that’s so illogical.

Saravanan Iruka Bayamaen promises to be a laughter fest with so much comedy and a bit of story but Soori’s comedy fails big time. He’s there in almost every scene as the hero but the one liner punches that Yogi Babu delivers evokes laughter and are much better than the comedy lines given for Soori.

Technically, the film is the usual run of the mill Tamil venture with fast beat songs and surprisingly D Imman’s romantic melody “Embuttu un mela Aasai” stands out of the lot. Regina Cassandra does her glamor part well while actors like Robo Shankar, Mansoor Ali Khan, Ravi Mariam and Madhumitha try really hard to make us laugh, but sadly they couldn't even once! Anthakshari is usually the most annoying sequence in a couple of movies in the past and it happens once again in Saravanan Iruka Bayamaen.

Director Ezhil probably missed it this time and there is no valid reason as to why especially with such a huge list of comedians.

Thumbs Up

D Imman’s romantic composition Embuttu Aasai is a sweet melody that will linger in the minds of audience for long.

Yogi Babu’s one liners are funny and throws some chuckles here and there.

Thumbs Down

Too predictable scenes and clichés make the movie hardly enjoyable.

Soori’s comedy just bores than to make you laugh.

The other characters like Mansoor Ali Khan, Robo Shankar and many others try their best yet it's tough to sit through the film even though it’s just 2 hours in runtime.


Easily predictable scenes, lack of comedy and cliched commercial elements make Saravanan Iruka Bayamaen a boring watch!