Right from the word go, the film tries to create a very convincing plot with a crime backdrop and characters who are stuck in the maze. But, unfortunately the film fails big time due to a lot of reasons and the actors are definitely not one among them.

Vijay Sethupathi is on a roll after the blockbuster hit Vikram Vedha and bringing back age old films from the past will only hinder his current releases. Equally good is Gayathri who pairs up with him after Naduvula Koncham Pakkatha Kanom. Both actors have tried their best to save Puriyatha Puthir with their natural performance but the director is the one who should be blamed.

The plot line of the movie is simple and tries to bring in a lot of elements to make it look like a Malayalam film. Vijay Sethupathi falls in love with Gayathri after they both find their mutual interests in music. Things go awry when an obscene video of his girlfriend lands on his phones and in a turn of events, he finds his friends in trouble.

Right till the interval, the movie spends a lot of time creating one tough knot after the another which should be unveiled in the second half. But, if you have watched a lot of crime thrillers and movies with predictable flashback, this one will be no different.

Non-linear narration is something Tamil directors have recently perfected in a couple of films. If handled well, it could add up to the movie’s fun ride. Puriyatha Puthir is directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi. The movie was in the cans for a very long time which looks very outdated by now as it should have got released a long time ago.

Definitely not the kind of movie that is worth your time or money! Maybe, if the director wouldn’t have underestimated the viewers’ intelligence and done a better plot, we would have enjoyed the Puthir (maze) much better.

Thumbs Up

·         Vijay Sethupathi is at his usual best and carries the role with ease

·         Gayathri is a fresh and unique pick for the plot

·         Background score is good in bits and pieces

Thumbs Down

·         Predictable twists and turns just gets boring than engaging you

·         Tedious to sit through the scenes as you would have guessed most reveals much earlier

Verdict – The maze is very predictable, making it a boring watch!