The entire crew of Pandigai had a very good idea of the type of movie they made and showed them with unique promos right from the beginning. The posters were riveting, bloody and promised an action entertainer in cinema halls.

If you have been expecting a brutal fight club styled movie seeing the promos, you are in for a treat. Actually, the movie might even test the tolerance level of even a hardcore action fan because the fights are ground thumping with blood oozing everywhere and an equally realistic sound stage. Director Feroz had come off to a rocking start in Kollywood with Pandigai with Krishna, Anandhi in the lead. It is produced by Tea Time Talks and released by Auraa Cinemas.

Krishna and Black Pandi works in a star hotel as interns with hardly any hope to earn more or find their dream job abroad. Through his dull days, he meets Anandhi and falls in love. When he’s stuck in a position with no money to proceed further, he agrees to take part in an underground kickboxing tournament hosted by the city’s biggest gangster. Krishna is coaxed by Saravanan who is addicted to gambling by betting high.

Surprisingly, the movie doesn’t build solely on the underground fight till the climax and rather takes a realistic turn in the second half which is something you should catch in theaters!

Krishna has once again made us believe that he is always open for new experimental movies and roles. Pandigai is one such and his efforts in the action sequences ensure the character looks believable. Anandhi is a cute addition while it is Saravanan who steals the show with his mature acting. Arjai as the kickboxer looks menacing and make sure you don’t miss the brutal match between Arjai & Krishna right before the interval! An equally strong lead villain(s)combined with the right story elements keeps the film grippy throughout the crisp two hour plus run time.

A big applause for the entire technical crew of Pandigai, be it the cinematographer Arvi, background score by RH Vikram or the special ones who did the stunts. Anbariv and Stunner Sam had done some bone crunching stunts which most might have seen only in video games so far! The punches sound excruciatingly realistic because of the meticulous sound mixing and mastering making the movie as realistic as possible.

Pandigai has a storyline designed to make stunts justified and director Feroz has promisingly executed it ensuring a great watch for the viewers!

Thumbs Up

• Big credit goes to Krishna for putting in some hard work to bring those stunts to life

• Director Feroz’s choice of script that doesn’t rely only on fights keeps viewers engaged

• Brilliant supporting cast including Pandi, Saravanan, Karunas

• Stunt choreography and sound design

Thumbs Down

• An item song at an inappropriate position


Stunningly brutal stunts make Pandigai a must-watch for action movie buffs!